Konoha’s Valentine celebration
Artist: Cyberunique
Hi guys,Here we have a special gift for you guys. Konoha’s Valentine As usual, sketch,wet,sweat and clean version available See ya guys later!
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Kurenai Yūhi: Class in session
Hey guys, here we have Kurenai Yūhi: first class, with Tenten. There are two versions, wet & clean. I hope you enjoy!
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[singlepic id=26 w=197 h=300 float=left]

Tasty treat for two (Free)
Alright guys, here we have Temari and Tenten enjoying a nice cold ice pop. Thanks very much for voting on the character to pair with Tenten. I am looking forward to who you pick next! Also guys make sure to subscribe to the news letter so I can keep you guys updated. Anyway will be posting the colored pinup soon so see you guys later.
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