Ino 69 Training .
Requested by:GrimTwin
I have been thinking about Shizune a lot these last few days. The other day she walked in on me while I was getting dressed for Deep Cock training class and today she was wondering if I could help her with sixty-nine training. Finally, my chance to taste Shizune! She seems to enjoy sixty-nine training more than the other students in class. I, myself, love cock training and have never missed a class. After today, something tells me, I might have to sign-up for “The Art of 69″ so that I can work with Shizune more. Oh shit, I am running late for my anal try-outs today! See you guys next time. Love ~Ino~”
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Ino Medicine Training .
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Requested by:GrimTwin
Alright, guys, here we have Ino trying her hand at therapeutic medicine with Shizune. I’ll see you all later with the finished picture!”