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Ino Practicing her stoke Justu.
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Alright guys, here we have a sketch of Ino Practicing her technique on how to perfect her stroke Justu. Anyway stay tune, I will be posting the full color version very soon.


Temari FootJob
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Temari is well known for her skilled kunoichi abilities (Long-range combat) but what many of her fans don’t know is she is highly trained in the art of the foot job. Temari is a skilled cock massager. She starts off by intimidating her foes with her big breasts and puffy nipples. Once they are off-guard she strikes!She catches her foe with a ranged attack that knocks them unconscious. Once they come to, they awake to see Temari with her feet wrapped around their cocks, sending them into a deep state of pleasure and causing them to cum all over Temaris’ feet. Temari may be great with her Giant Folding Fan but she is a master of the Foot Cock Clan.