My Turn!
Why should Sakura have all the fun? I mean, I want to fuck Naruto too! He tells me all the time how we should spend more time together, so when he asked me over to his place, how can I say no? I knew Sakura was going to be over there. Once I made it to his place, I could hear Sakura getting her ass pounded from the open window.
I took a peek inside and saw Naruto fucking Sakura deep in her ass. Sakura looked up and saw me in the window. Sakura knew I wanted some of that cock, so she fucked Naruto even harder as I watched from outside. Sakura was teasing me, but I could not help but grab my titties as I continued watching them.
It was turning me on so much, I started to rub my pussy. The sex frustration was building up and I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst inside Naruto’s place, pushed Naruto off Sakura and on to the chair by the window. With his cock rock hard, I slowly got on and slid down onto it.
My pussy exploded; my juices running down Naruto’s cock. Sakura simply watched as Naruto fucked me. I’m sure she will get me back somehow, but until then, I’ll just enjoy every minute of this cock!
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Shadow Clone Technique
Requested by: Sakurachan78
Working on the art of the “Shadow Clone Technique” has been really boring! That is until Kuzhina Uzumaki showed up to remind me not to be late for her class today about strap-ons and the right way to use them. I told her I was going to be late again because I was having a hard time with my Shadow Clone Technique assignment. She had an idea that might help me in cloning myself and to also keep my clone out long enough for it to count for my class.
I have to say that her idea to train for both classes at once really helped. I was able to fuck Kuzhina with my clone and got a passing grade for both of my classes. Thank you Kuzhina for the idea and the sweet pussy!
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[singlepic id=26 w=197 h=300 float=left]

Tasty treat for two (Free)
Alright guys, here we have Temari and Tenten enjoying a nice cold ice pop. Thanks very much for voting on the character to pair with Tenten. I am looking forward to who you pick next! Also guys make sure to subscribe to the news letter so I can keep you guys updated. Anyway will be posting the colored pinup soon so see you guys later.
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Team 7 Reunite

The biggest benefit of knowing Naruto is that he knows Sasuke. A great possibility that one day a threesome could occur. Who would have thought they were thinking the same thing? I knew that Naruto was up to something. He asked me to come over in the morning before class started to see if I would like to suck his cock. He knew that I always enjoyed sucking his cock but there was something strange about this time.

I show up to his room and before knocking I check my watch. Thirty-five minutes before class starts. That’s more than enough time to get Naruto to cum all over my face, still have time to clean up and make it to my new class; which I did not want to miss. We were studying the art of the Black Cock.
I knock on the door and guess who opens it? Surprisingly, none other than, Sasuke. He grabs me and pulls me inside. He then grabs my skirt and pulls it down. He starts licking my pussy and absolutely I loved it. He gets up and tells me to get on my knees. I let out a, “FUCK YES!” He flops his cock out and it falls down onto my face. I am stunned! It’s like a dream! I have Sasuke’s fucking cock resting on my face and Naruto is jacking his cock off to the side. I quickly snap into action. I start sucking Sasuke’s fucking cock and slobbering all over it. I taste Sasuke’s pre-cum and it’s so good. It’s all over my mouth and lips. My pussy is so wet right now, I just want to get to the fucking. I stop, stand up and grab Sasuke by the cock and walk over to Naruto and walk them into the room. I check my watch. Shit! We only have fifteen minutes! I told them to make this quick and to make it good.

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