Taking care of Kazekage!
Hey guys, Ameno is spending some quality time in the Demon Desert with the Kazekage who supervises the chunin exams in order to get the direction to pass this trial
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Samui was stalked … again!
Hey guys, Samui wasn’t able, again, to hide from Yamato. Thanks to his tracking abilities he was able to get right behind her!
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No more Day dreaming
Commission by: Raykus
Hey guys, here we have a pinup of Hinata and Naruto that was commission by Raykus.Hinata’s has achieved her dream and she no longer have to -dream with open eyes
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To become a Sannin like Tsunade-sama!
Hey guys, I am back! My sister wedding was great! I had a great time in Florida, Love the beach, I definitely didn’t want to come back to New York cold weather lol. Anyway thank you guys for your patience and understanding, so now let get on to business. Despite Tenten love for weapons, she got no skills in medical-nin like Tsunade. She wants prove to her childhood’s idol of being able to measure up like her into another art.
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