Konan Profile(Free)
Hey guys, here we have Konan profile image. Hope you guys like it, see ya later!
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Sakura and Tsunade.
Requested by:sakurachan78
I needed to blow off some steam. I had so much homework and studying to do tonight and to top all that off, I am really behind in my Kung Fu Futa. I asked Tsunade to stop by and see if she could help me practice tonight. I really need to get my mind off of what happened the other day with Naruto and Hinata. Seeing her on top of him really turned me on but I cannot let her know that. I do not know how much longer I am going to be able to hide my feelings from Hinata. (A knock at the door) Oh, that must be Tsunade. Looks like I am going to have to take all of my frustrations out on her tonight.
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01_narutoBomb-179x300 (1)

Jiraya Tsunade Genjustsu
Hey guys, here we have a sketch of page one from the Naruto comic that I am working on. It involves Jiraya and Tsunade, so let me know what you think. I will be posting a new pinup tomorrow. See ya guys later!
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My Turn!
Why should Sakura have all the fun? I mean, I want to fuck Naruto too! He tells me all the time how we should spend more time together, so when he asked me over to his place, how can I say no? I knew Sakura was going to be over there. Once I made it to his place, I could hear Sakura getting her ass pounded from the open window.
I took a peek inside and saw Naruto fucking Sakura deep in her ass. Sakura looked up and saw me in the window. Sakura knew I wanted some of that cock, so she fucked Naruto even harder as I watched from outside. Sakura was teasing me, but I could not help but grab my titties as I continued watching them.
It was turning me on so much, I started to rub my pussy. The sex frustration was building up and I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst inside Naruto’s place, pushed Naruto off Sakura and on to the chair by the window. With his cock rock hard, I slowly got on and slid down onto it.
My pussy exploded; my juices running down Naruto’s cock. Sakura simply watched as Naruto fucked me. I’m sure she will get me back somehow, but until then, I’ll just enjoy every minute of this cock!
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